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Our custom Alloy Wheels undergo stringent testing to match the tough requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.) Japan, Wheel Light metal ( J.W.L.) and Honda.
With Honda's Wheel Locks, you can protect your alloy wheels, or even the stock ones. They're a great theft deterrent.
The Body Side Molding accentuates the Fit's styling.
The Door Edge Film adds paint protection to your door edge with a transparent product.
Help to protect your belongings from damaging UV rays-and prying-eyes with the custom Cargo Cover.
Choose the look for you! The Nose Mask will keep your Fit looking like new.
Constructed of durable textured thermoplastic rubber.
Door Visors allow you to enjoy some fresh air, even when the weather isn't ideal.
The Splash Guard Set gives your Honda a great look, and the protection they provide helps to keep the finish looking sharp.
Give your Fit a refined look
The Sport Grille is perfectly matched.
Fog Lights are great for cutting through adverse weather conditions and aiding your visibility. Honda's Fog Lights use an integrated design for a factory-installed appearance.